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My experience of Trekking in manali with Youthcamping

By : Admin

23 Sep, 2020 03:53:21 PM

This has been an experience of crossing my limits, exploring the surreal and satisfying the soul. Let me share my experience of my whole journey with Youthcamping

Day1: I woke up, it was 28th June 19. I got ready all set to go for an adventure I had never done something of the kind before in my life. We departed at 11.20 am from Kalupur station. It started raining when we left, there were new faces all of them except one. so I was a little nervous and of course excited. We had a little chat with each other, we got to know each others name and little more. All of us were very excited about this journey. We talked for like hours and hours. this was my second longest journey till the date. The whole day we talked and got to know deeper about each other. We even played cards and it was an end of the day, we all slept at night.

Day 2: As it was a long journey we had to be on the train ? till 4.30 pm. Long tired journey until we reached Pathankot. There's something with this place, a different vibe. Maybe because most of the families there are in defence forces and that shows how courageous people are there.

As soon as we got out of the train we moved towards the hotel just behind the railway station named Stay well. We checked in and got fresh then we went to drink lassi at the place nearby. Punjab Di Lassi is very famous, if you have a visit then you must have it once. After that, we headed towards Manali in a car. It was night journey, all of us were enjoying and having fun then eventually one by one all went to sleep except me and the drive beside me. I was accompanying him while he was driving, we stop by because the driver wanted to have tea as he was feeling sleepy. I stepped outside the car and looked around then suddenly I looked at the sky. I didn't want to believe that what I was looking at was real! But it was, the sky full of stars, not just a few but millions of them were visible by my naked eyes. My eyes got teary while gazing at that sky, it convinced my heart to stay there and my eyes gazing that beauty forever!

(View of our youthcamping base camp 
in Manali)

Day 3: Early morning we reached our campsite in Kullu near Manali. Fresh air, cold flowing water, so many trees, and colorful houses, all full of life. We crossed the bridge and walked a bit more there was our campsite, clean and peaceful.

instructor allotted tents to everyone, we took shower and had our breakfast.

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